Kuro no Hiera Glaphicos V4 Chapter 5 P1

Disquieting Elements

Haiderota was a country where mine resources were scarce.

Although the mines in its territory were existences that could be called “treasures” in advancing its military expansion, the present situation was that its technology level in fields such as mining and refining fell behind Amaddo whom it saw as a rival by one, two steps.

Hence, even if they discovered an ore deposit that produced good-quality iron ore with considerable effort, they couldn’t manufacture good-quality iron efficiently.

But on the other hand, they had confirmed the matter of an abundant peat layer lying idle in the lakes and marshes region that spread out in the north of Delbrück, and even though the efficiency was still bad, a portion of it had already been used as fuel to refine iron.

As long as the cogwheels meshed well with each other, the iron industry of Haiderota would have the potential to make rapid progress greatly hereafter.

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Kuro no Hiera Glaphicos V4 Chapter 4

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I’ve a Dominas. The name is—.

Setting military strength aside, looking at just its national strength, Yururogu, which had now fixed its appearance as an independent country even though it split from Haiderota and didn’t gain the recognition of its neighbouring countries, was no more than a small country.

Even if one estimated Amaddo to be ten and Haiderota, giving a little more, to be six, Yururogu was two at the most; in other words, it didn’t even have half the national strength of Haiderota.

For such a small country to annex Haiderota which was twice of itself with a decent method was probably impossible. Thus, what they had their eyes on was the training of magic warriors Marefikos.

It had been more than 40 years since Euchemard became the prime minister, and even though Yururogu had established many schools for magic warriors training, it was in recent years that they were finally bearing fruit.

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Kuro no Hiera Glaphicos V4 Chapter 3

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Beyond the War Clouds

There was once a country called “Baragan” in the northeast of Haiderota.

Although Baragan was one of the 12 member countries when Holy Alliance Liga Santourear was established, its national power was reduced along with the prosperity of the neighbouring country Haiderota, and with the internal strife about 400 years ago as a start, it ceased to exist in the form of being annexed by Haiderota. Originally, Yururogu was a town that was renamed from Baragan’s capital, Bargallia.

For the people who lived in the north of Yururogu, Haiderota was an enemy who stole their motherland and Dominas. Hence, the Duevre family of illegitimate family lineage, which was pursued by Haiderota’s legitimate government and had escaped to the north, could hold up the common objective of anti-Haiderota, join hands with the local people and build up a “developing country” called “Yururogu” within a short time.

Perhaps the seed of Yururogu coming into existence had already been planted by none other than Haiderota’s own hands 400 years ago.

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Kuro no Hiera Glaphicos V4 Chapter 2

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His Excellency’s Agony

Haiderota’s Gale Chivalric Order Rorudor Rafuale was an organisation that was established at the same time as Sigibert Duevre being inaugurated as the military vice-minister, and was allowed to act freely on its own judgement as an independent force under the direct control of the king.

Sigibert who commanded it was backbitten that he had used his position of the king’s cousin and younger brother-in-law and gotten his current status. However, if the real him wasn’t shameless to that extent, then he wasn’t a bad person either.

However, Sigibert, who possessed an arrogance that was common and conspicuous in youths of noble birth, often lost his freedom of action as a result of his own actions due to that degree of pride and also tended to make fruitless effort because of too much sense of duty.

The one who had been skilfully assisting him was the “White Rose of Steel”—Clotilde Diaghilev.

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Kuro no Hiera Glaphicos V4 Chapter 1

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Run Towards the North

Military service was imposed on Amaddo’s nobles. Matching the family status, they’d work together with their private armies as the kingdom’s soldiers for a fixed period.

However in reality, nobles who would personally enter the military service were non-existent. Instead, they’d be exempted from that obligation by paying an enormous military service exemption tax.

And then, Amaddo had been maintaining a standing army with high experience by means of this tax yields.

The standing army bearing the core of the army due to the commoners who were employed with money was also connected to lowering the nobles’ influence in times of war. Even if the nobles refused the dispatch of troops because of political intentions or produced conditions regarding the dispatch of troops, the king could disregard that and go to war by using the standing army only.

It was clearly the result of this military system that Amaddo’s royal family could exercise an especially firm royal authority even among the major powers of the world.

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Kuro no Hiera Glaphicos V4 Prologue

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Windy Hill

On the outskirts of Amaddo’s holy capital, Roma, there was the “Hill of Seal”.

According to the legend, the Demon Maroudo”, who was sealed by the
“Lord of Redemption Reduntra” and the 12 sages before, was sleeping deeply underground, beneath this hill. However, contrary to such a legend, that place was no more than a green hill where refreshing winds passed over now.

Near the summit of the hill, the Bradomante Palace, which began with the name of the Dominas who had first left her name behind in Amaddo’s history, was built. This elegant small palace was the residence of the Dominas, who was first on the list, for generations; from the viewpoint of appearance, it was the foremost line that prepared for the revival of the “Demon”.

In these 20 over years, this palace’s mistress completely didn’t change.

She was, as everyone knew, the
“Immortal Dominas Domina Berumanens
”—Shakira Babel the very person.

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